KO attempting to push higher

KO breaking out reaching for new all time highs soon is possibility.Weekly view below.


5/10/15 Bullish Divergence setting up in WYNN

I’m seeing a bullish divergence in WYNN. Over the next week or two I like it for a possible gap fill if it can close above $119 currently at 117.84 as of 5/8 close. Longer term I would like it more above $137 and then to see a new higher low form.Not trying to call a bottom here as fundamentally earnings growth has taken a hit and the stock is in a down trend. Wynn is down roughly 53% in a little over a year perhaps its time to retrace a bit.

4/29/15 AET

AET- Aetna close up 3.24% today after a solid earnings report. The stock has broken out above the 110 level after basing for around a month. AET has been trending nicely therefore I expect this breakout from consolidation to be a resumption of the trend in place. The MACD indicator is curling upwards above the 0 line, it has not yet crossed over but looks like it will do so soon. I am looking for the 115 level shortly representing  a roughly 4-5% gain in the near term.

4/22/15 ABT

ABT nice post earnings b/o at all time highs on higher than average volume with a strong close just below HOD. 50 SMA below,  MACD also curling up above zero line. Very strong weekly trend. Nothing but air above but will likely find resistance at $50 in the near term. Will be looking at May or June calls most likely the 50 strike.